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Improved Nutrition and Effective Exercise to Achieve a 10lb Fat Loss Goal – Ellie E

By 26 April, 2018April 29th, 2018No Comments

I started training with Pete almost a year ago. I remember the first bootcamp with about 7 of us (he now regularly attracts over 20!) and I also remember the pain of experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) the following day – the pain walking up and down stairs (and getting up off the loo!). But it felt good, and the more I got into the rhythm the more I enjoyed it. Knowing I was using muscles that had probably never been used before and seeing the improvements as I could lift heavier weights and keep going for longer, all felt good.

Then in January, after over indulging at Christmas, I bit the bullet and did my first 1-2-1 with Pete. I was a bit daunted as there would be nowhere to hide! The first session focused on weighing me, talking about my diet, my attitude to exercise, fitness goals, as well as teaching me some new exercises.

I’m reasonably happy with my body weight, but knew I’d been overindulging on the chocolate, cheese and wine. Nevertheless I was surprised (and slightly appalled!) that despite having a healthy BMI, the % of my body made up of fat was significantly above the healthy rate for a woman my age.

Pete didn’t dwell on it particularly and wasn’t too stern with me. We talked about what I eat and he encouraged me to keep a food diary and send it to him after a week. Just the process of writing down everything I ate (and knowing Pete would know what I’d eaten!) made me realise that most of the food choices I make and meals I eat are relatively healthy (low carb, high protein) but there were a few problem areas – naughty indulgences that I was giving into too frequently.

I was drinking most nights, my default when buying a quick lunch whilst running between meetings was to pick up a sandwich or salad (so far so good) always accompanied by a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar (not so good!!). Oh, and in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed I would frequently sit on the sofa and demolish an entire block of dairy milk…

Spurred on by my week food diary (when I had resisted these urges because I would have been too embarrassed to have to write them down and admit them to Pete) I realised I was capable of cutting out / dramatically reducing the snacks and treats. Within a few weeks I had lost several lbs and could feel the difference.

I’ve continued with the 1-2-1s and have found that Pete has a great balance between pushing you almost to the point of failure whilst at the same time being incredibly supportive. Having had a particularly hard session focusing on my abs just before Easter I couldn’t laugh without being in pain for the whole of the Easter weekend (thanks for that Pete).

Three months later and I feel so much healthier than I’ve felt before. I’ve started doing parkruns and seen my times dropping. I’ve lost 10lbs of fat, my fat % is now within the healthy range and the visceral fat around my organs has dropped too.

I still let myself have puddings when I go out, drink (at least) twice a week and give into the occasional temptation to binge on crisps and chocolate, but I realised it’s all about making active food choices rather than getting stuck in bad habits. I’m a great believer in ‘everything in moderation’ – even drinking and chocolate!

With the help and support of Pete at Bootcamps, in 1-2-1s and at the other end of emails, I’ve been able to make a real (and hopefully sustainable) difference to my lifestyle. I feel happier, healthier and fitter. Now my next goal is to run a half marathon! Watch this space.

Ellie E – New Malden – April 2018

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