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How I lost 9lbs of fat and gained 1lb of muscle in 5 weeks – Heather C

I am thrilled with the results of Pete’s 28 day fat loss programme!

Having desperately wanted to lose the extra weight gained slowly over the last 2/3 years, I was reticent to go down the route of the traditional yo yo diet/shaming weight loss clubs. Weight loss theory was familiar to me and I had read all about the benefits of reducing sugar intake and eating more healthily but I lacked the commitment and the ability to put it into practice consistently.

Pete was able to explain clearly why I craved certain (mainly sugary) foods and had huge energy highs and lows. It’s all linked to sugar surprise, surprise! I love chocolate, wine and biscuits and felt that life (and I) would be dull without them. Being overweight however was making it difficult for me to exercise and move as I’d like and really, quite miserable.

Following Pete’s straightforward system was relatively easy and I very quickly got into the habit of eating a more savoury breakfast – eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked salmon (yum), protein rich porridge with berries and flaked almonds or protein rich smoothies (as opposed to 2 slices of toast and jam).

Lunch usually consists of chicken or fish with a salad on the side of mixed beans, avocado, green leaves, and olive oil and vinegar dressing. Mozzarella and Parma ham with sun dried tomatoes is also a favourite.

Dinner is meat, fish or prawns with root veg, cauliflower or aubergines and courgettes or roasted butternut squash. Jamie Oliver and Jo Wickes have lots of delicious recipes to try meaning that I do not feel as if I’m denying myself anything. On the contrary I am now enjoying really delicious healthy meals that are a lot kinder to my body. Fruit and nuts make a great dessert if you really need it. I often have plain cashew nuts with berries (sometimes with natural yogurt) or a clementine and a hot drink.

Reducing my sugar intake considerably and basing each meal around protein means that I no longer crave sugar fixes throughout the day and am full up for longer. I still enjoy wine on Friday or Saturday night (or both!) and really enjoy dessert on special occasions or at the weekend so life is certainly not dull as I’d feared it would be.

The best news is that over 5 weeks I lost 9lbs of fat and gained 1lb of muscle! This is something I could not have achieved through exercise alone.

I can move much more easily when doing boot camp. I run much more easily around the tennis court and I feel so much better. I have more energy, I’m lighter and my clothes now fit me. What’s more I’m not hungry and don’t crave sweet things to eat. The biscuit tin no longer exists and chocolate is a treat not a daily part of the menu. It’s been a good discipline for whole family to adopt and they have quickly adapted to the new regime eating the same evening meals as me but they consume slightly more carbs. Nobody blinks these days if you turn down a biscuit or ask for a smaller dessert so socialising is relatively easy too.

Pete’s approach is very clear and pragmatic and the weekly weigh-ins and food diary really helped me to focus and keep on track particularly at the beginning. I am now a total convert and cannot recommend the programme highly enough.

Thank you Pete!

Heather C

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