Coombe Hill

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Coombe Hill Juniors School Playground
Coombe Lane West
New Malden


Boot Camp – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style exercise class outside at Coombe Hill Juniors Playground, New Malden KT2 7DD – all abilities welcome.

Full teaching given on safe use of exercise equipment and  exercise technique.

30 – 45 seconds per station. Stations include:

1. Kettlebells
2. Core Bags
3. Battle Ropes
4. Slam balls
5. Suspension Trainers
6. Body Weight Exercises
7. Speed Ladders
8. Dumbbells
9. Boxing Gloves
10. Shuttle runs
11. Ab rollers
12. Push up stands
13. Tyre Flipping


  • Training with Pete quickly started making a difference to my shape, energy levels, confidence and overall feeling of fitness and well being.

    AS - New Malden
  • I have been working with Pete for the last three months and I have never felt healthier. Pete has the ability to design a programme suited to my needs which gradually pushes me to new levels, working every single muscle in my body

    MJ - New Malden
  • Pete kept things simple but highly effective. He started with my mind, then my body followed. And the biggest bonus - no saggy bingo wings and a better silhouette in my favourite jeans. Thank you Pete, I will be raving about you until the cows come home.

    NA - New Malden